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5 WordPress Plugins to Install When Setting Up a New Website

WordPress plugins

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is both open source and the most popular script in the world.

If you are going to create a website, you probably already know this. Today, I will share with you the indispensable plugins for WordPress after WordPress is installed.

Which plugins important for a new WordPress website?

Yes, there is no need to discover America again, experience will talk today.

The best plugins for WordPress The best plugins can vary depending on the content of the site, but every site needs some key plugins. These include speed plugins, SEO plugins, and statistics plugins.

1: LiteSpeed Cache plugin

This plugin usually comes automatically when Linux CPanel users create a site.

Many themes make a lot of database queries and call a lot of CSS, JS files. The more file queries you make, the slower the site will be.

The LiteSpeed Cache plugin creates a new copy of your site as if it is a site made with HTML, not a CMS system. The plugin comes with default settings. My recommendation is to make your own settings yourself.

Combine CSS and JS files with the LiteSpeed Cache plugin. With this process, neither the visitor’s internet quota is harmed, nor does your server get tired, nor does the site open quickly. Database queries are not made by the user, because the plugin creates a ready-made page with the queries and shows it to the user.

The speed of a site is the most influential factor in its ranking in Google searches. Both visitors and Google do not like a slow-opening page. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin literally turns your sluggish opening site into a speed monster.

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2: Disable Generate Thumbnails

It is one of my favorite plugins. Themes generally create a lot of new image files. I have even seen a theme that creates 10 different versions of a picture I uploaded.

You upload an image to the hosting server, our theme creates 10 versions. What does it mean? It takes up space for nothing. If you have a limited hosting package, you will be asked to upgrade your package by paying additional fees.

For this reason, I love the Disable Generate Thumbnails plugin and it is one of the first plugins I install for every site.

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3: Performance Lab

As I said above, Google loves sites that open quickly. Google also loves WebP images. The size of WebP images is smaller than JPG images.

The Performance Lap plugin is a WebP image plugin. After installing the plugin, activate it. Now it will quickly convert the images you upload to WebP format and make you Google and visitor friendly.

4: Rankmath SEO plugin

Now that we have sped up our site thanks to the plugins I have listed above, we can come to the SEO issue.

I love the Rankmath plugin. This plugin will show you the shortcomings of your site and will help your site to rank higher in Google.

The plugin has a lot of settings and the company that owns the plugin has free SEO courses.

Remember, SEO does not mean getting into Google’s eye, but providing a quality experience to visitors.

If you have prepared a quality site and informative content for the visitors, Google will choose you.

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4: NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

The NextScripts plugin is a social media auto-sharing plugin. A site publisher who publishes a new content will of course announce it to his followers through social media.

It can be boring to log in to a few social media accounts and share every time a content is published.

I generally use NextScript for my customers who have news sites. I share the news tags, categories, and important words in the title as tags from social media accounts.

I used Jetpack before, but this plugin both slows down the site and almost turns all of its features into paid, so I no longer use it.

5: Akismet – Anti-Spam plugin

Akismet is one of the plugins that should be installed at the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of spam bots are visiting sites, making ridiculous comments in the comment section, lowering the quality of our site, and advertising their own sites.

Akismet is a great option to overcome this problem.

It is a free plugin and requires a small two-step process to install.

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See you 😉

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