Beginners’ Best Free and Paid Software for Making Cartoons

Making Cartoons

Making cartoons is an art that requires both creativity and technical knowledge. With the development of technology, anyone can now create and share their own cartoons. In this article, we will discuss the best free and paid animation programs for beginners. We will also provide information about the computer requirements for animation.

Animation Programs for Making Cartoons

  • Pencil2D (Free): Pencil2D is the perfect option for beginner animators. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can develop your basic drawing skills and create frame-based animations. This free program is especially suitable for hand-drawn animations.
  • Synfig Studio (Free): Synfig Studio is a handy open-source program for creating vector-based animations. With its rich features, it allows you to create complex animations. It offers advanced features such as layers, effects, and shape-shifting.
  • Toon Boom Harmony (Paid): Toon Boom Harmony is a popular choice among professional animators. It can be used to create 2D and 3D animations. With its advanced tools, motion capture, and effects, this software is ideal for those who want to create professional-quality animations.
  • Adobe Animate (Paid): Adobe Animate is part of Adobe’s famous Creative Cloud suite. It is used to create vector-based animations and interactive multimedia content. Its wide feature set allows you to create a variety of cartoon styles and interactive animations.

Professional Animation Programs

  • Autodesk Maya (Paid): Maya is a powerful program for 3D animation and modeling that is considered the industry standard. It is widely used in the film and game industries. With its advanced tools and effects, you can create professional-quality animations.
  • Cinema 4D (Paid): Cinema 4D is a 3D animation program that is known for its ease of use. It is ideal for visual effects, motion graphics, and architectural visualization. It is designed to achieve professional-quality results.
  • Dragonframe (Paid): Dragonframe is specifically designed for stop-motion animations. It is frequently preferred by filmmakers and professional stop-motion artists. It offers features such as live preview, camera control, and framing.


  • Develop your own style: One of the most important things in cartoon making is to develop your own unique style. You can experiment with different programs and techniques to find your style.
  • Take advantage of training videos: There are many free training videos available on cartoon making. You can use these videos to learn more about the animation process.
  • Practice regularly: Cartoon making is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Practicing regularly is essential for creating better animations. Be patient and strive to improve your skills.

Computer Requirements for Animation

It is recommended that the computer you will use for animation has some basic features:

  • Good processor: Animation programs use the processor power intensively. Make sure your processor has enough power.
  • Enough RAM: You may need a lot of memory while animating. At least 8GB RAM is recommended, but 16GB or more is preferred if possible.
  • External graphics card: Especially if you are going to do 3D animations, a powerful graphics card is required.
  • Storage space: It is important to have enough storage space (SSD is preferred) as you will be creating and storing large files.
  • Operating system: Animation programs usually run on operating systems such as Windows and macOS.

A computer with these basic features is sufficient for beginner-level cartoon making. You may need a more powerful computer for more complex projects.


in this article, we have provided an overview of the best free and paid animation programs for beginners. You can start with free options such as Pencil2D and Synfig Studio, and then switch to paid software such as Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate that offer more advanced features.

We have also discussed programs such as Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, and Dragonframe for professional animators. Developing your own style and practicing regularly are the keys to advancing your animation skills.

Don’t forget the importance of an appropriate computer for animation; processor power, RAM, graphics card, and storage space play an important role in this process. Remember, cartoon making is an exciting art form, and originality is always appreciated.

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