The ChatGPT assistant has been integrated with Opera One

The ChatGPT assistant has been integrated with Opera One

ChatGPT has maintained its place on the agenda since its release. The AI-powered language model, used in various fields, has successfully transformed companies like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Some companies have collaborated with OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, while others have given direct instructions to their employees to block it, but ChatGPT continues to thrive without slowing down.

Opera One is downloadable now

A new era has begun for the Opera browser with the release of Opera One, an AI-powered internet browser. Opera introduced Opera One a few months ago as an early access release. Now, the stable version of Opera One has been made available for Windows, Linux, and Mac devices.

Compared to the long-standing Opera browser, Opera One offers a much simpler interface. This is mainly because it uses a layout called “tab islands.” Users can group similar tabs together using the tab islands feature, allowing for an exceptionally smooth browsing experience.

Opera One comes with an “Aria”!

Opera developers have added a new tool called “Aria” to the internet browser. Aria appears as an AI-powered assistant that can be used for tasks such as web searches and generating text or code. Aria is integrated into the left side of Opera One.

According to Opera’s statements, Aria uses the GPT infrastructure and mentions that it has been developed. This AI tool, which is currently available, seems to satisfy consumers, particularly due to its ability to connect to the internet.

ChatGPT is part of Opera One!

ChatGPT, one of the most popular AI tools of recent times, is an integral part of Opera One. Users who download the browser can instantly start using this chatbot. Additionally, a similar tool to ChatGPT called ChatSonic can also be actively used in this internet browser.

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The ChatGPT assistant has been integrated with Opera One 3

You can start using Opera One right away:To learn detailed information about Opera One and install the browser on your computer, you can use the link provided here. Finally, note that you need to create a free Opera account to use Aria.

The new Bing

Of course, Opera was not the first to integrate ChatGPT into their system. Microsoft partnered with OpenAI and released a preview version of “new Bing” on February 7, 2023.

It was introduced as a new generation OpenAI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and specifically tailored for search.Let’s see what other innovations ChatGPT will bring us.

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