Electric Cars

How to Convert Your Gas Car to an Electric Car

How to Convert Your Gas Car to an Electric Car

Electric Car, yes an important subject. So, Imagine that millions of years ago, dinosaurs owned these lands and then something went wrong and they all died. We have always wondered what life would be like with dinosaurs. Fortunately, we do not know the answer to this question, but dinosaurs are still somehow interfering in our lives.

Fossil fuels and climate change:

How? Remember that we call fuels such as gasoline and diesel fossil fuels. In other words, we burn the bodies of those who died millions of years ago to heat up and provide our transportation.

Of course, everything is not so good. Fossil fuels are destroying the world while developing the world. In fact, some cities have reached the point where they can no longer breathe oxygen. The world is now seeing this more clearly, so we are now giving up fossil fuels and turning to alternative energies.

Renewable energy:

The sun is on top of us with all its glory, and it actually provides us with energy while lighting us up. In recent times, we have started to exploit the sun more. We convert sunlight into energy, generate electricity, and store it.

Electric cars:

The area where we use fossil fuels the most is transportation vehicles. Many companies have now produced electric vehicles instead of fossil fuels. Yes, electric vehicles are very new for now, but they will develop more over time. We can say that almost all car manufacturers have switched to electric cars, and they are even competing with each other.

New electric vehicles are powered by batteries placed under the vehicles instead of fossil fuels. These stations are charged at stations, often in centers that convert heat to electricity from the sun.

Converting a gas car to an electric car:

We have succeeded in finding a beautiful formula to save the world that we have brought to the brink of destruction with our hands. But is there a solution for the millions of vehicles that are currently powered by fossil fuels? It should be known that millions of fossil fuel-powered vehicles on the road continue to pollute the world.

We know that there are a few companies that are trying to produce electric vehicle kits and replace the existing fossil fuel engine with an electric motor kit. I think there are a few companies that have succeeded, but this has not yet become a culture.

In this article, I will write a short answer to the question of how to convert a gas car to an electric car and share the videos of some small entrepreneurs who do it on YouTube so that you may want to convert your vehicle and save your world with your own means.

How to convert a gas car to an electric car:

Actually, it is not as difficult as it seems. To understand it clearly, I would like to talk about the working principle of a gas-powered vehicle first.

When the driver gets into the vehicle, he puts the key in the vehicle and turns it once. The electronic circuits of the vehicle are activated thanks to a battery in the vehicle, but the vehicle still cannot move because we have started an electronic system, but we have not given a command to the gas engine yet.

Then the driver turns the key twice and presses the gas with his foot. This time, the batteries that provided energy to the vehicle’s electronic system give energy to the starter motor in the engine of the car and the starter motor, as we call it, starts to ignite inside the engine.

Imagine that if you ignite gunpowder, there will be an explosion. Yes, there are small explosions inside the engine and the engine starts to ignite the fossil fuel inside. The engine is now running and the driver releases the key.

Here we need to understand that features such as the speedometer, lights, and automatic windows in the vehicle are electronic circuits and have nothing to do with the engine. The engine also has nothing to do with the electronic circuit. Even if you remove the engine from the vehicle, the headlights, lights, air conditioning, or windows will continue to work.

Now remove that engine and replace it with an electric dynamo-motor. When you start this electric motor, the car will start moving. The faster you give electricity to the motor, the faster your vehicle will accelerate.

So, can we remove many parts such as the fossil fuel engine, starter motor, charging dynamo, exhaust, and even fuel tank and sell them to scrap? Yes 🙂

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