If deported, he will be executed

If deported, he will be executed

Approximately 130 people were detained, including 5 foreign immigrants, after participating in the LGBT+ Pride March in Istanbul’s Şişli district on June 25.

5 foreigners in custody

These foreign individuals, who are citizens of Iran, Libya, Russia, Portugal, and Australia, are currently being held in a deportation center.

The Istanbul LGBT+ Pride Week Committee shared information stating that among the detained individuals, including registered and unregistered migrants, there are five people from Iran, Libya, Russia, Portugal, and Australia. It was claimed that one of the individuals has sustained a leg injury and is unable to access proper medical treatment.

Regarding refugees, a statement was made indicating that the person who cannot access proper treatment is struggling to survive under conditions of state-controlled torture. We need the support of all institutions to closely monitor the situation of our friends who will not be safe even if they are sent back to their countries.

Statement regarding the detained refugees

We are deeply concerned that our Iranian friend, who is a registered refugee under International Protection Status in Istanbul, would face a death sentence if returned to Iran due to their sexual orientation. This friend and their entire family have been seeking refuge in Turkey since 2013, escaping torture and threats to their safety in their country of origin. They are currently held in the Tuzla Deportation Center, and we have lost all communication with them. We do not know what procedures have been or will be taken against them.

They will be arrested as soon as they set foot in Iran.

İf Turkey extradites this Iranian citizen for the charge of unauthorized protest, they will be immediately arrested upon arrival in Iran, and a process of detained trial will commence.

Executed is normally in Iran

Due to their status as a homosexual individual, there is a high probability that they will be subjected to torture during their detention in Iran, and ultimately, like some other LGBT individuals previously convicted of the same crime, they could be publicly executed on the streets.

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