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OBS Studio Professional Stream Pack 1 Download right Now!

OBS Studio Professional Stream Pack 1

Hello Friends, I really love live streaming systems, you should know that by now. I will try to assist you with various topics like live streaming on the Wojdo website, setting up web TV, Twitch gaming streams, and more.

Today, I’ll share a package with you. The name of the package is “OBS Studio Professional Stream Pack 1.” In my opinion, it has a nice name, what do you think?

Don’t worry about how to install the package; it’s quite simple. You can download and install it. After installing the package, you can upload images or videos into OBS Studio, or you can even do live streaming by connecting your cameras to the computer through a “Capture card,” just like professionals do. In other words, I’m offering you a versatile package.

Why OBS Studio?

OBS Studio is the preferred choice of many free broadcasters. It’s free, and many plugins have been developed by OBS enthusiasts. There is also an official OBS forum where you can discuss and gather information. Here, you can access a lot of new knowledge.

With OBS Studio, you can following tasks:

  • Live streaming
  • Screen recording
  • Recording tutorials
  • Audio recording
  • Hosting guests in your streams
  • Broadcasting documents or videos

What are the features of OBS Studio?

  • It is an open-source software.
  • It works on various operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • The screen is fully customizable.
  • It is free.
  • Many plugins have been developed for it, and updates are ongoing.
  • You can stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • You can add text and connect external cameras.
  • It has NDI (Network Device Interface) support.
  • You can present images as collages during the broadcast.
  • You can broadcast your videos in a playlist format.
  • You can broadcast from a studio environment and record the broadcast.
  • You can broadcast recorded streams live.

How do you set up a broadcast with OBS Studio?

This is actually a question that many people ask. OBS Studio is a free program and is mostly used by YouTubers and Twitch users, so there might not be many articles or elements about stream design available on the internet. My goal is to enable low-budget broadcasters who want to do professional live streams to be successful without having to rely on paid programs.

What’s in this package and who is it suitable for?

This package is suitable for amateur and professional television broadcasting organizations and anyone who wants to do professional live streams and host guests.

What’s included in “OBS Studio Professional Stream Pack 1”?

  • 1 Header scene.
  • 6 Broadcaster scenes.
  • 4 City information elements.
  • 7 Ready-to-use Lower Third designs.

Is “OBS Studio Professional Stream Pack 1” free?

It is entirely distributed for free by The images included in the package are shared under the Creative Commons license. Most of these images were downloaded for free from the website.


Just click

You can download OBS Studio at its offical website for free. After download and install OBS Studio last version, you can install our Design pack. Click here for download OBS.

How do I install the OBS Studio Package?

To install the package, you should watch the video shared below. The installation process is straightforward. First, get the “wojdoLive” package and load it into the “C:\Program Files\obs-studio” directory. Then, you need to import it from the “Scene collection” section. That’s all.

If you encounter any issues during or after the installation, please don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section below this article. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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