Police attack on Pride Parade in Turkey

Police attack on Pride Parade in Turkey

It was reported that approximately 60 people were detained following police intervention during the “LGBTI+ Pride March” held as part of LGBT Pride Week in Istanbul, Turkey’s metropolitan city.

Prior to the “21st LGBTI+ Pride March,” many streets in Taksim and Beyoğlu were closed off with police barricades.

The participants of the march gathered at Maçka Park and a press statement was read. After the press statement, the marching crowd proceeded towards Beşiktaş while chanting slogans. After the march, it was announced for the flags to be left behind and for the crowd to disperse.

However, during the march route, some members of the press were allegedly arbitrarily detained by the police, including lawyers.

Approximately 60 people, including lawyers, were detained during the police intervention.

Similar incidents also occurred during the Pride Week events in Izmir. According to a news report by Duvar newspaper’s journalists Cihan Başakçıoğlu and Uğurcan Boztaş, the police intervened in the march. It was alleged in the newspaper that many individuals were subjected to violence and detained.

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