Terrorists are now stealing tombstones

Terrorists are now stealing tombstones

It has been reported that terrorist groups supported by Turkey, who occupied the city of Afrin in Rojava, are now stealing marble from graves located in cemeteries.

Afrin was occupied

The city of Afrin, previously controlled by Kurdish forces, was occupied in 2018 by terrorist groups united under the name of the Free Syrian Army, supported by Turkey. The city of Afrin under occupation is constantly being reported for human rights violations by human rights associations and advocates.

The Afrin Human Rights Observatory, which reports on human rights violations in Afrin, announced that armed groups affiliated with Turkey and the Arab individuals brought to the city later, have been stealing tombstones in the village of Dode, located in the Rajo district of Afrin.

They are stealing tombstones

According to the Observatory, these terrorists groups, aiming to change the demographic structure of the city, have stolen tombstones in the graveyard of Şêxurzê village, the Şêx Hemid cemetery in Qestel Cindo, and many other cemeteries.

The terrorists are killing women

The terrorist groups that occupied the city have been constantly in the headlines for human rights violations. Most recently, a woman in her forties was killed by these terrorist groups. According to reports from human rights monitoring organizations, these groups have also been involved in numerous cases of rape and looting.

Furthermore, human rights watch organizations have published several reports on the violations committed by these groups. The latest report in March 2023 stated that 4 Kurdish civilians were murdered by the that Terrorists groups.

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