Why do Turks immigrate to Germany illegally ?

Why do Turks immigrate to Germany illegally?

Turkey is currently one of the highest emigration countries to Germany. In the first seven months of 2023, approximately 250,000 people migrated from Turkey to Germany, indicating an increase of around 200 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

Economic difficulties play a significant role among the reasons for migration. High unemployment rates and increasing living costs in Turkey have led many Turkish citizens to migrate to Germany in search of a better future.

Political factors are also among the underlying causes of migration. Increasing human rights violations and political repression in Turkey attract individuals seeking freedom to countries like Germany.

Migration from Turkey to Germany is also altering Germany’s demographic structure. While the Turkish population continues to grow, this phenomenon contributes to cultural and religious diversity within German society.

Reasons for Migration Among Turkish Citizens

The reasons for Turkish citizens leaving their country vary. Some prominent reasons include:

  • Economic Factors: High unemployment and the rising cost of living in Turkey drive people to migrate to other countries in search of a better life.
  • Political Reasons: Human rights violations and political pressures in Turkey lead individuals to seek freedom in other countries.
  • Security Concerns: Turkey has faced terrorism and security challenges in recent years, prompting people to migrate to safer regions.
  • Social and Family Ties: The desire to be with family or friends or to visit them is also a motive for migration.

Impact of Afghan and Syrian Refugees

In recent years, a significant number of Afghan and Syrian refugees have arrived in Turkey. The arrival of these refugees has increased the desire of Turkish citizens to leave their own country.

Turkish citizens believe that refugees limit job opportunities, increase crime rates, and change the country’s cultural fabric. Therefore, Turkish citizens desire the departure of refugees from their country.

Statistics and Migration Trends

Let’s take a look at some statistics to understand the migration trend from Turkey to Germany:

Number of people migrating from Turkey to Germany in 2020: 135,943
Number of people migrating from Turkey to Germany in 2021: 182,550
Number of people migrating from Turkey to Germany in 2022: 210,628
Number of people migrating from Turkey to Germany in the first seven months of 2023: 250,000 (approximately)

Distribution of migrants by age groups statistics:

Age46 and above17%
Table of age groups who immigrate to german

These statistics indicate a rapidly increasing trend of migration from Turkey to Germany, with a significant share of the young population participating in this movement.

Turkish youth illegally immigrate at the Serbia-Hungary border.

Human Trafficking as a Source of Income

Another dimension of the effects of migration from Turkey to Germany needs to be addressed. In recent years, illegal migration from Turkey to European countries has become a source of income. Illegal migrant smugglers offer services for passage from Turkey to European countries.

Illegal passage is facilitated through migrant smugglers. Especially after the Syrian civil war, Syrian migrant smugglers specialized in transporting Syrian citizens from Turkey to Europe, and now they are transporting Turkish citizens to European countries as well.

Seeing high profit margins in this area, Turkish migrant smugglers have also entered this sector, establishing networks for passage to Germany, in particular, from Turkey.

Due to the increasing number of smugglers, the fees for illegal border crossings, which were previously around 10,000 Euros, have dropped to approximately 4,000 Euros. This situation indicates the widespread nature of illegal crossings and the increasing preference for this method.

Furthermore, significant discounts are offered to Turkish nationals who want to migrate to Europe with their families, which has further expanded the dimensions of this illegal migration trade. This has led to illegal migration becoming an option not only for individuals but also for families.

Consequences of Migration from Turkey to Germany

Migration from Turkey to Germany has both positive and negative impacts on both countries.

For Turkey, this migration reduces the population and has a negative impact on the economy. However, it also contributes to relieving political pressure on Turkey.

For Germany, migrants from Turkey contribute to population growth and provide economic benefits. However, this situation also leads to increased cultural and religious diversity in Germany, posing certain challenges.

In conclusion, migration from Turkey to Germany brings about complex outcomes for both countries. Addressing these issues requires collaboration between Turkey and Germany.

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