Why have we started talking so much about Aliens? +3 Reason

Why have we started talking so much about aliens?

In recent days, news about UFOs and aliens has been more prominent. Is it a matter of relative perception or an effort to shape perception? In this article, I am discussing aliens and UFOs, which refer to ‘Unidentified Flying Objects.’

Lately, there have been numerous news articles on this topic. If a subject is being extensively discussed, it means that either they are gradually revealing something they have been hiding, or they are trying to familiarize us with something different.

According to the news, the United States has acknowledged the existence of UFOs, but it is stated that these unidentified objects cannot be considered as evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Another news article mentions an ex-CIA intelligence agent claiming that aliens exist, and it is even written that the United States has documents and possibly even alien spacecraft in their possession. Furthermore, it is mentioned that the United States is collecting vehicles produced with these extraterrestrial materials and trying to develop a new type of weapon using these vehicles.”

We don’t believe without having a neighbor!

First of all, do UFOs or aliens exist? And do we believe in them? This question is somewhat similar to the “Is the Earth flat or round?” question. Just as there are many people who won’t be convinced about the shape of the Earth without going up to the atmosphere and looking at the world, most of us won’t believe in the existence of aliens or the concept of aliens until an extraterrestrial being comes up and rents a 2+1 house next to us.

The Roswell Incident

The topic of aliens, I believe, was first documented with photographs in 1947 in the town of Roswell. According to the story, a UFO spacecraft crashed in Roswell, a town located in the United States. The residents of the town reported this foreign craft and its occupants to the Pentagon through a series of communications, and it is said that the Pentagon covered up the incident, which was frequently reported in the news at that time.

However, despite the existence of many photographs, who can convince the world that these images are real, especially when there are those who argue that America never went to the Moon?

Did Albert Einstein examine the alien body?

I read a news years ago and couldn’t forget, stated the following: The renowned physicist Albert Einstein examined the 5 alien bodies that the US government had obtained after the Roswell UFO incident.

Dr. Shirley Wright, who was Einstein’s former assistant, claimed in an interview with a newspaper that Einstein had worked on the propulsion system of the alien vehicle.
She even claimed that he had conducted examinations on the bodies of the five deceased aliens involved in the crash and wrote a report about the incident and the vehicle.

Barack Obama: There are UFO records

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri eski başkanı Barack Obama bir soru üzerine  “Gerçek şu ki, gökyüzünde tam olarak ne olduklarını bilmediğimiz nesnelerin görüntüleri ve kayıtları var. Nasıl hareket ettiklerini yörüngelerini bilmiyoruz. Kolayca açıklanabilecek bir kalıpları yok. Bence insanlar bunun ne olduğunu anlamaya çalışıyor. Ama bunun hakkında bugün size rapor edeceğim hiçbir şey yok” diyor.

Yukarıda anlattıklarım aslında hepsi Amerika da oluyor. Tek taraflı veriler olarak da görebilirsiniz. Peki, ABD tek mi uzaylı görülüyor? Rusya nerede Almanya nerede daha önemlisi geçmişten bu yana kayıt tutan Çin nerede. Çin kayıtları ne diyor?

Is there a place for UFOs in Chinese written history?

The Chinese began keeping written records approximately 5,000 years ago. Despite the changes in dynasties, this culture has always been preserved. However, when it comes to the Chinese people, they generally recorded political, cultural, and significant events of the time. When we look at Chinese history, there is no record regarding UFOs or aliens.

This is an important observation. If there were aliens, and records have been kept for 5,000 years, why haven’t any significant events involving aliens occurred and been recorded? Are the drivers of UFO vehicles sent to Chinese territory well-trained or have our own technological advancements led to an increase in UFO accidents or sightings? If there is no mention of UFOs in 5,000 years of records, then I would already have made my decision regarding the existence of aliens.

Even if America claims today that there are aliens, I cannot believe it if it is not documented in records.

Alien Images in Egypt

Some images in Egyptian records are associated with aliens, but this alone does not hold much meaning. We have a tendency to interpret visuals in a way that resembles aliens and UFOs based on our own perspectives. The belief in aliens by many individuals is actually rooted in the discoveries of Ancient Egypt and the Egyptian Pyramids. When you truly look at these discoveries with an unbiased eye, you can perceive various intriguing entities such as aliens, helicopters, UFOs, and more. However, the truth is that those images could be attributed to cultural humor of the time, the artist’s imagination, or representations of objects that existed in that era. Yes, they could genuinely depict aliens as well. There are thousands of years that have passed, and we are currently not capable of deciphering it.

Furthermore, one of the technologically advanced countries might have designed their own special military vehicles based on these objects found in Egypt, attributing their creation to aliens. In the state of the world, we cannot be certain whom to trust.

Why have we started talking more about aliens in recent times?

The reason for us talking more about aliens in recent times can be attributed to several factors. Here are some possible reasons for this increase:

Advancing Technology

With the advancement of technology, more people have become capable of capturing photos and videos using their mobile phones. This has made it more common to encounter images and testimonies regarding UFOs or intriguing objects.

Disclosures and Evaluations

Some governments and military officials have started sharing information about UFO cases that were previously kept secret. These disclosures have piqued people’s interest and received more coverage in the media.

Scientific Research

Scientists are conducting more research on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Studies such as the discovery of exoplanets and the identification of habitable zones can contribute to increased discussions about aliens and UFOs.

Pop Culture Influence

Aliens and UFOs, as part of popular culture in cinema, television, and literature, have influenced people’s imagination. This can lead to more discussions and interest in the subject.

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